FSF is a pretending organisation

My Problems with the FSF


Reasons why the GPL sucks

1. Copyleft

Copyleft is the act of demanding the modifications to be released and the license not altered, which resticts user freedom and developer freedom just for ideological purposes. The act of restricting what the user can do and in what way is not free and no copyleft license should be considered free.

2. Anti Patent

Resticting freedom to do what you please just for the sake of ideology, although i think Patent laws shouldn't exist in the first place as they restrict freedom of the user to produce certain types of devices etc.

3. Not allowing Code on different licensed to be added

The code must be licensed under the GPL, no propeitary or no other licenses shall be included in the program source code.

FSF does not defend your rights or freedoms

It actively fights against them, they don't want developers writing software like they wish and do anything with the code.

The FSF activly disencourages it by publishing the GPL and having software like Linux under it.

this article is still under work!