My rambling on an issue i feel needs to be discussed

People are not gonna like this

The issue plaging the community

This might come of elitist to some of you but atleast listen and think what i have to say and maybe get inspired. The current issue what Linux in my honest opinion is going through is new the new wave of users more specifically gamers, i'll explain. To people who have been around for a long time you probably know what im going to talk about, good go enjoy your life. Anyway, in recent years there has been this boom of getting Windows programs and more specifically games to run on Linux and to make Linux so on so "easy to attain". Which has seen an influx of these called Linux gamers or just called Linux users, who go around glorifying the operating system that can have no flaws and is perfect in their eyes. If anything breaks it must be "user problem", but when issues for example in Windows happen they must be Windows issues and "screw microsoft long live GNU/Linux"

These people go around pretending like they are the representers of the "Free and Open Source software community", while not contributing to any Open Source Project. These people tend to forget the core principle and idea of Open Source, which is that anyone can contribute and should contribute.

How we can fix this

To me personally we are doomed, but there are a few things which we could do.

1. Have Linux youtubers encouraging these new users to learn to code and to contribute to projects and to make cool software of their own

Stuff like this can have a positive impact in this issue as just crying for companies to make software open source is not going to work. How about you stop crying and start making the change that you so want.

2. Telling the hard truth

Linux is right now primarly a server operating system or a desktop operating system for developers, there's no changing this fact. Linux is not intended to become popular on the desktop and development of it hasen't been desktop oriented for a very long time. Operating systems intended for desktop use like Windows and others exist, if you want people to start using Linux you better start contributing and making it platform where using it on the desktop is easy.
If you want change start doing it, stop pretending to want change.

3. Stopping projects like Wine and Proton.

If you want open source software stop making tools that just bring the proprietary tools back into an environment where they don't belong.
Change dosen't happen if you keep doing this.

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